Is it safe shopping at your online store? Yes, Bike Seat Factory is hosted by Bigcommerce, one of the biggest enterprise level ecommerce companies. They host over 34,000 online stores. Bigcommerce has Bank Vault Security and Level 1 PCI Compliance which protect us from hackers. In addition, your purchases are protected by Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Do you have close up photos of your seats? Yes, visit our photo gallery to see high res photos of our quality seats.

Do you have any photos of your customers bikes with your seats installed? Yes, visit our photo gallery to see high res photos of our customer's bikes.

How long does it take to ship?  Because each seat is custom, we hand make it after your order is placed.  Please allow 2 to 5 days to make your seat.

Is there express shipping? Yes, we can ship it 7 to 10 days delivery instead of 10 to 20 days with FedEx or UPS for $50 more on most orders.  You can select this option for searching for express and adding it to your order.

Do you provide a tracking number?  Yes, we can give you tracking number after 5 days. 

Why is shipping so expensive? We ship out from Asia using Postal Service. They charge by size of the box and weight. Since the compete seats and seat cover & foam kits are large, the shipping cost is a little high. But all things considered, our seats are very high quality and very inexpensive compared to what's out there.

What type of foam do you use?  We use high density foam since most people prefer a firm seat.  Softer foam is available upon request.

What material do you use for the seat cover? We use high quality vinyl imported from Malaysia.  It's thin and very durable.  We have many different colors and textures.  Please ask.

Can I get the seat in leather?  Yes, we have leather but for additional cost.

What are the dimensions of the seat?  It will be the same length and width of the orginal seat.  We can also customize the dimensions based on your needs.

I saw a seat but it was not for my model.  Can you make the same style for my bike?  Yes, we can.  Let us know what style you like and how you like the color, stiching, etc.

Does it cost more to make a custom seat? No, it will cost the same as other seats you see on our website. Please use our Custom Seat Order form.

Do you have any other questions? Please ask!  Contact Us   We answer all questions within 24 hours.